123people enables users to discover, monitor, and protect their reputation on the net. This leading people search engine enables users to find information about themselves or other people on the Internet, fast and free of charge. Additional services like Webcleaner assist in securely deleting content from foreign websites. The Social Network Monitor is a valuable tool for protecting one’s own Facebook profile and online reputation. 123people is a product of yelster digital gmbh. The company was founded in Austria in 2007 and joined the French PagesJaunes Group in 2010.

123people is currently available in 12 countries, eight languages as well as app for iPhones and Android smartphones: USA (www.123people.com), Canada (www.123people.ca), UK (www.123people.co.uk), Austria (www.123people.at), Germany (www.123people.de), Switzerland (www.123people.ch), Italy (www.123people.it), Spain (www.123people.es), The Netherlands (www.123people.nl), France (www.123people.fr), Sweden (www.123people.se), and Poland (www.123people.pl).