123people launches products for Facebook privacy and online reputation management

24 January — 123people (www.123people.com), known worldwide as a leading people search engine, is launching two new independent services. Webcleaner and Social Network Monitor are to support users in maintaining and protecting their reputation on the Internet and Facebook. 123people is thereby responding to an ever-increasing demand for solutions in the area of online reputation management.

July 2011

  1. Jul 26

    New 123people-Apps Enhance Mobile People Search

    In order to meet the growing needs of the mobile market, 123people has completely redesigned its existing smartphone applications: The free people search engine mobile apps are available online with immediate effect for iPhones and Android phones in five different languages.

January 2010

  1. Jan 14

    Help Haitian people in need via Unicef and Red Cross!

    We need to help Haiti. The Red Cross and UNICEF Children’s Fund are the best ways to support those in need. As the premier people search site we reach out to more than 35 million people every month and I believe it is our duty to extend the reach to those people and especially children that have come into a situation so difficult for most of us to imagine.